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Our mission is to understand your business. To listen to your requirements. To deliver and maintain cost effective, reliable technologies that work for you. To dedicate our experience and futuristic vision in delivering solutions that will dramatically reduce your downtime, reduce your IT expenditure and reduce your ongoing costs. To develop our human resources. To deliver 24 hour service & support that ensures we are exceeding your expectations.

Listening to our clients is simply the secret to our successful partnership with them, for our commitment is and will always be, exceeding expectations. So obviously in order to do that, we need to listen and listen carefully to our clients’ immediate and long term requirements.
Our personalised services stem from years of experience, dealing with businesses of various sizes and needs. We have successfully partnered with our clients through carefully designed processes that guarantee the delivery of services with cost and performance in mind in order for our clients to focus on their bigger picture, growing their business.
Not everyone who drives a car is a mechanic; we often come across situations where people were advised to do something because they did this or that at their previous workplace. Well, experience tells us, different businesses have different requirements and therefore when it comes to IT, it’s not what you do, and rather it is what you should not do in order to ensure a stable, reliable and secure network environment.
Doing it right the first time is the main thing, doing it right the second time is not the same thing. Yes it is from a song, but how true is that when it comes to IT. Successful managers or decision makers often make the right decision and look at the implications of having to do things twice. The cost involved in correcting situations may be so prohibitive, that a business existence becomes severely unstable, losing focus of the bigger picture which is again growing your business.
So why HB Networks and what distinguishes us from the rest? Well, we simply simplify the communication process. We constantly remind ourselves that with all this IT hype, we are human after all. We make you feel comfortable during our briefings by avoiding the tech-talk and carefully introduce new technologies only when you truly need them. In other words, we are equally responsible and must effectively contribute towards your continued success. We work with and for you, therefore we will make sure we do it right the first time (practice what we preach). We start by listening, we then communicate a scalable solution that proves that we have been listening. The rest is too technical, that’s where we come in.



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