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In the cloud, you make the rules.

Enable your employees to be more efficient and productive, regardless of their location.

Virtual Servers

With virtual servers the hardware/software upgrade cycle has been dramatically reduced if not eliminated. Businesses can now focus on their growth rather than having to tackle day-to-day issues of maintenance and upgrades etc. HB Networks preferred delivery is Dedicated Private Servers as standard, but if we have to (in very small cases) we start you up on Shared Servers until such time you are ready to move. This will assist a new business where budgets are extremely tight.


Stay in sync.

Seamless integration with Outlook, a rich web client, synchronisation across your mobile devices and tools for improved team collaboration.

Drive productivity.

Increase satisfaction by allowing yourself to focus on the task at hand.



Scheduled, Automatic Backups

Backups of all critical servers are taken on the hour, every hour meaning your business is able to recover from a disaster as quickly as possible.

Dedicated servers are servers that are unique to each of our clients. They are not shared between other clients and therefore provide a more secure way of dealing with your intellectual property and other data your company handles. Dedicated servers allow dedicated access to hardware and software resources and therefore the performance is by far higher than that of a shared server. In today’s world companies require the highest resources available as that is directly linked to the overall productivity of their network, therefore their staff. Dedicated servers are more priced with performance as the main criteria. For more information about virtual servers please contact us on 1300 424 357 or email
Shared servers are designed where price is the main criteria. Shared servers mean the server resources are not dedicated to a single customer. Clients share all the common resources of the hardware and software and have secure access to a folder and sub-folders only. As many as 25 different clients share the same server and therefore it is an entry level to a hosted environment. Although we do provide this service to our smaller clients, HB Networks always recommend the dedicated servers for virtual hosting as it by far more reliable from a performance and security point of view. For more information about virtual servers please contact us on 1300 424 357 or email


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